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Book of results


The book of results summarizes all the research carried out in the Mat4treaT project. This file is public.

(posted: 2018-12-28, updated 2019-04-17)

A list of emerging pollutants


The document shows a group of emerging pollutants to be considered for abatement studies. These substances have been chosen by careful reviewing of the literature and of the databases reporting on them.

(posted: 2016-02-04 17:43:16)

Preliminary characterization of SiC material used for filtration membranes (UNITO/Liqtech)


(posted: 2016-02-01 18:55:22)

Francesco Empolesi's thesis: Fabrication of alumina membranes on SiC supports for water filtration




(posted: 2016-02-01 18:47:12)

Slides from the Coordinators' day (Bruxelles, April 30th, 2015):

1 - RISE_Policy_Objectives_Coordinator_meeting_30th_of_April.pdf

2 - RISE-2014_Best_Practice.pdf

3 - Issues_RISE-2014.pdf (financial, legal and ethics issues)

4 - Reporting_under_H2020.pdf

5 - Mid-Term_Reviews_RISE-2014.pdf

6 - IP_Management_MSCA-RISE-2014.pdf

(posted: 2015-06-09 18:30:15)

Budget & Secondments

Document containing the final budget of the project and the tables 1 (Gantt chart of secondments) and 2 (Indicative secondments) extracted from the document Annex 1 - Description of Action (part B), that is a part of the Grant agreement.

(posted: 2015-05-28 18:18:10)

Bio-Based Substances extracted from refuses for materials preparation

Basic information and characterization of the Bio-Based substances used in the project.

(posted: 2015-05-19 18:28:10)

Kick-off meeting

Presentation slides used in the kick-off meeting:

(posted: 2015-04-10 09:13:05)