Joint Workshop Phocscleen/Ma4treat

An International Workshop on Materials for photocatalytic and water treatment applications will be held on July 11, 2016 in Aula Denina, DISAT, Politecnico (Torino).

Information on the official website:

Scheduled talks:

  • Castellino Micaela (IIT - Turin) XPS: a powerful tool for the investigations of photocatalytic surfaces
  • Gionco Chiara (UNITO - Turin) New photoactive materials based on doped metal oxides
  • Zeinert Andreas (UPJV - Amiens) Optical and photocatalytic properties of BiVO4 thin films
  • Sarro Marco (UNITO - Turin) Synthesis, characterization and testing of Ce doped ZnO for environmental applications
  • Jagdale Pravin (POLITO - Turin) Bismuth oxide for dental applications
  • Farrukh Mehmood Mian (POLITO - Turin) Chemically Stable UV-cured acrylic Polysulfone membranes
  • Nisticò Roberto (UNITO - Turin) Chitosan and chitosan-derived carbon as magnet-sensitive materials for the removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Hernández Simelys (POLITO - Turin) Development of an artificial photosynthesis device: from nano to macro-scale
  • Khan Aamer (POLITO - Turin) Screen printing of carbon and bismuth based materials for devices and water splitting
  • Quaranta Simone (UOIT - Oshawa) Low cost screen printing and materials for photovoltaics-photo catalyst water splitting system
  • Cerruti Marta (MCGILL - Montreal) Graphene hydrogels: from fundamentals to applications
  • Lejeune Michael (UPJV - Amiens) Carbon copper materials for catalysis: application to the catalytic degradation of dyes
  • Medina Juan Carlos (UNAM - Mexico City) Photocatalytic discoloration of indigo carmine dye by bismuth based oxide
  • Gadhi Tanveer (POLITO - Turin) Bismuth based Oxides for Water Treatment
  • Gordillo Agileo Hernández (UNAM - Mexico City) Photo generation of ORS during the Environmental Water Treatment by using Bismuth based materials
  • Tummino Maria Laura (UNITO - Turin) Peculiar behavior of strontium ferrite as photo catalyst for water pollutant removal